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Welcome to Paper Machéte.

Computer Consulting for all ages.

Mac, PC, and Palm.

Home, school and small business.

Small networks and simple web design.

Appraisal of computers and related equipment.

Olde technology, and the odd strange request.

Hello, I am Rob Bradshaw. I am an independent computer consultant working in the San Francisco Bay Area, centered around Oakland/Orinda. I may travel as far as Livermore, Marin county, and Antioch.

I can visit your home or office, and can both troubleshoot hardware and software problems, advise, setup, or help you to purchase computer equipment, and train people from the newest, nervous beginners to helping experts in some area that needs more attention. My goal is for any of my clients to have independent confidence in themselves and in their computers.




Rob's Personal

A note on my philosophy, which boils down to the word: TOASTER.

You just stick in the bread, hit the button, and toast comes out. Simply.

A computer should be like an appliance, that you can simply turn on and use easily whenever you want to.

However, they are not making computers based on that philosophy, so there are far too many extras and special things that computers can do now that almost everyone does not need and that interfere with the successful running of the machine. Most people have relatively basic needs, and just want to be able to do a few things well and easily on their computers.

 Perhaps I can help.


I can be reached via my office phone, 925-216-7716, or via the email address below.

Questions? Mail bradshaw (at) (Questions about or for Paper Machete)



 PS: If you have reached this site in a desperate last minute attempt to get info on making PAPER MACHÉ for your child's school project, please be informed that the name of my company is Paper Machete, which is a pun. A machete is a heavy knife used in jungle situations to clear undergrowth and the odd imperialist.

However, just mix some household flour and water into paste, tear jagged-edged strips of newspaper from 1 to 2 inches wide and perhaps 6 inches long. Drench the strips of newspaper in the paste and lay them onto a framework of chicken wire or a balloon, one layer at a time. It seems to work better if you let the layers dry between applications. Several layers will do quite well. Good luck, and if you want to you can send me pictures of your finished projects and I will post them here.